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  • National Mountain Bike Patrol - Central Ohio Chapter

    International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) created the National Mountain Bike Patrol with this mission statement - “Patrollers inform, assist and educate mountain bikers and other trail users. The fundamental goal of bike patrols is to ensure trail access for mountain bikers. “.
    Riders at Alum Creek Phase 1 & Phase 2 may have noticed red shirted riders with “Bike Patrol” printed on the front and back. So who are these guys and gals? The mountain bike patrol functions like the ski patrol at ski resorts. Basically, they are volunteer mountain bikers that completed training for first aid, CPR and bike skills in order to enhance the safety and enjoyment of everyone mountain biking Alum Creek and AEP trails.

    National Mountain Bike Patrollers are:
    • Trained to educate riders about mountain biking and the trail system.
    • Patrollers are certified in basic first aid and CPR.
    • Search and rescue teams for finding lost or injured riders and hikers.
    • Emergency trail side bike repair to help riders get going again albeit usually with a temporary fix.
    • They are also the eyes and ears for Alum Creek Law Enforcement providing information on trail related incidents like injuries, vandalism, people using the trails when they are closed, hunters in no hunting areas, and many related incidents

    In addition to carrying all that information in their head the patrollers typically carry about 8-10 pounds of extra gear including; spare bicycle tubes, repair links for chains, tools for bike repair, first aid kits, CPR masks, splints and other necessary equipment for assisting someone in an emergency. One of the most valuable tools is also the lightest, a simple trail map (available at the trail head kiosks) can help someone quickly know where they are located and assist them with the most expeditious way off the trail.

    Because the primary role of the NMBP is to inform and educate feel free to stop and ask any patroller for directions or assistance when you’re on the trail. They love to ride and welcome the chance to show new riders around the trails. If you’d like to get involved with the National Mountain Bike Patrol visit www.imba.com/nmbp or contact COMBO at www.ohiosingletrack.com.
    This article was originally published in blog: National Mountain Bike Patrol - Central Ohio Chapter started by Gregg
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